New Prints on Beakerloo / Garth's Auction this Saturday!

We posted prints to the Beakerloo site today, like Country Bouquet for Tammy by Tom Wesselmann. Wesselmann, who studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and Cooper Union in NYC, made this screenprint for Tammy Wynette in 1989 for a concert at the River Valley Playhouse in Putney, VT. 

Beakerloo @ Garth's Auction - July 25

Next Saturday we have pieces in the Garth's Auction. Lots: 638, 639, 685, 686, 687, 699, 710, 711, 717. 718, and 719. Check it out and see if there are items you can't live without!


We have many more pieces of mid-century modern furniture being processed, so stay tuned to the Beakerloo site as new items will be posted soon.

Happy campers

We installed this mid century shelving system / wall unit in our study to take photos for the Beakerloo site. Friends stopped by for a little pre-thanksgiving cheer and they snatched it up before we got a chance to post it! Looks great in their home--along with the Eames chair and ottoman they purchased earlier this year. 


Trigger. Pulled.

Michael M. from CA was in search of a Jim Dine print and, in his search, stumbled upon "Nutcracker" on the almost, very nearly, so close, ready to flip the switch but can’t quite do it, are you sure we’re ready?, Beakerloo website.

For the past six months, while selling art and furniture locally and via Etsy, we’ve been developing our own site. Thanks to creative talents of Jessica Nielsen at The Olivine Design Studio (, CCAD grad, patient soul, and all-around mind-reader, we were able to build a brand identity that captures who we are and what we’re doing – essentially transforming our warehouse and print cabinets of treasures into a viable online business.

The site’s not perfect, but then what is, especially in the art world? The one thing we’ve learned is if you wait for your work to be perfect, you’ll never share your work. And Beakerloo is ready to get going.

So Michael M., thanks for helping us pull the trigger and push this out to the world.

We have many more items to add, sections to edit and stories to share…we hope you’ll check back often.